29 november 2020

RIGA FASHION WEEK: самые яркие моменты

В конце октября состоялась Рижская неделя моды. В условиях пандемии организаторы совершили невозможное, и дизайнеры смогли представить публике свои коллекции в рамках «живых» показов.

30 october 2020

SELINA KEER presented the collection "Forget Me Not" spring / summer 2021

Selina Keer turned back to nature for inspiration. As a result,it was embodied in bright, unforgettable, feminine images.Summer, sea, long journeys are the main sources of design solutions.And when else, if not in summer, indulge in a variety of moods and unexpected fantasies, have fun and experiment with images. In these three long-awaited months, you can afford absolutely everything: fluffy skirts, unusual prints and intricate hats, organza and eco-leather of all shades. The wildest dreams and desires are laid on summer travels and events! These fantasies served as inspiration for the “Forget Me Not” collection. The beautiful hats in the collection are a collaboration with the beautiful hat designer Ksenia Danilova.
Jewelry-Selina Keer.

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27 october 2020

In the annual nomination "Fashion Award of the Year" by the Baltic Fashion Federation Selina Keer was nominated for the "Debut of the Year" award with the "Blue Inspiration" spring / summer 2020 collection.This is a success and pride for the brand.

3 April 2020

Selina Keer Experience part 1

Fashion team, fashion work for "Schön" Magazine HQ.
Creative-Sintija Selicka.
Photo-Miks Uzans Photography.
Style by Anatoly Ksenofontov.
Mua-Beate Kudina.
Hair -Kirilenko Oksana.
Fashion Video-Andrej DREE.

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5 January 2020

Selina Keer Women's Fashion Philosophy Plus Size

Selina Keer proclaims the belief that
every woman is worthy to catch admiring
glances. Despite the fact that the brand
has a size range from 40 sizes, the
brand designer pays special attention to
the “plus size”. Selina Keer plus size
collections are a special relationship
philosophy. Women with shapes are
women who also love comfort, luxury
and absolute quality, and want to
be elegant, fashionable,sophisticated
and modern. Many steps have been taken
in the search for a unique concept in
order to arrive at the right one, my own
style, corresponding to the desires
and needs of the ladies with a “plus
size”.Plus sizes are integrated into all
Selina Keer collections and represent
a style aimed at a woman who is attentive
to quality and comfort.

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2 November 2019

L'Officiel about Selina Keer

This season, the brand is making
its debut with a capsule collection
in light blue - "Blue inspirations".
The combination of fabrics has been
chosen to all the moments of
inspiration that helped the designer
to create this collection: crepe,
cotton, organza.However, the main
fabric of the collection is light blue
linen, which is woven with a lurek
thread, which, when exposed to light,
plays and sparkles like morning dew.

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